Balloon over Inle Lake

The hot-air balloon service has been operating in Inle Lake since 2015. It is now an incredible experience for those who are interested in the amazing aerial view of the lake and surrounding areas.

Your journey starts just in the early morning. In the mystery mist you are collected at hotel, transfer by boat to the west side of Inle lake. Coffee, tea and fresh cake will be served at the shore before you take the flight.

Depend on wind condition, the trip lasts about 1 hour. During that time, you fly across the ground, mountains, the bird sanctuary, stilt house villages, floating gardens as well as the famous floating market. Following the wind, you see the long tail boats and canoes running on the lake, watch the locals starting their daily activities especially the Intha fishermen with their unique rowing skill… Sometimes, the balloon is dipped down for up-close area views and you get the “wow” moments.

If the wind is too light, the balloon will not fly but float over the lake. The experienced pilot are always ready for any circumstances, they land the balloon at a floating platform that follows the balloon and “sail” back to the shore…

After 1 hour when the sun is rising up, you are landing. At the end, we make a toast to celebrate the successful journey, enjoy the fresh fruits grown in the lake. The fabulous experience is especially marked by a personalized flight certificate. We transfer back to your hotel and wish you have another wonderful day ahead.

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