Biking in Nyaung Shwe

Inle Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes of Myanmar, located on the Shan Plateau at about 900 meters above sea level. On the lake and along the shore, there are more than 20 villages of the Intha tribe living. Their rich history, culture, custom and the beautiful scene make Inle Lake an outstanding destination. Beside taking the boat trip, an extra day cycling around the shore is a good ideal.

It is best to start biking in the morning when the temperature doesn’t come high. You are suggested to take water along, and paddle back in the afternoon. When the sun goes down, there is no street lights, the road could get dangerous.

Below are some main attractions of the area:

Red Mountain Vineyards: From Nyaung Shwe town, it takes about 1 and half hour (13km) riding to “Red Mountain Vineyards”. The Pa-Oh people import grapes from France, then plant, harvest. The highest quality wines are made here. At the end of journey, we sit back at the open-air bar for wine tasting and the panoramic view.

Khaung Daing hot springs: you ride a route of 12 km from Nyaung Shwe town, which takes about 1 hour. Although the dirt road is bumpy, the tranquil environment makes it totally worthy. Reaching the site, you have chance to pamper yourself. The hot springs look like a spa with three natural mineral pools with big padded sun loungers. Surroundings are the beautiful mountain views, and verdant gardens.

Countryside: The ride around the town provides you with the insight picture of rural with the lush gardens, the colorful seasonal fields, parallel mountain ranges… The enjoyable and relaxing ride will make you totally forget the time. Here and there the kids are riding buffalos, the farmer are working hard… Local people are very friendly, every time you go by, they excitedly stop working to smile, wave and greet you “Mingalabar”…

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