Burmese food

People say to explore a culture; the quickest way is explore its cuisine. Hopefully this blog would give you a closer step into the Burmese world.

Rice and Noodles sit at the center with a variety of dishes, which characterizes the Burmese cuisine. It is the combination of Burmese, Mon, Indian and Chinese foods, with the balance among four primary flavors: sour, bitter, salty and spicy.


Mohinga is an essential part of Burmese cuisine. It’s a fragrant, hot and sour fish soup served with fermented vermicelli noodles. The taste based on regional ingredients, but the typical version is found in the southern part where the fresh fish is always available. People combine chickpea flour with a host of vegetables and seasoning, including onions, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and banana tree stem, then cook it in fish sauce. After combining the stew with rice vermicelli, the dish can be topped with an array of optional additions, including crispy fritters, chickpeas or a boiled egg.

It is can be eaten throughout the day, but commonly in breakfast. The dish is recognized as the national food, you can find it easily when you are in Myanmar, from the restaurants to the vendors, roadside stalls as well as street hawkers…

Rice and Curry

Rice cannot be missed in Burmese cuisine, accompanying curries and vegetables very popular meals. The curries are delicious meals of pork, fish, shrimp, beef or mutton. These also include a tart salad, a small dish of fried vegetables, a small bowl of soup and a large tray of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Shan-style food

The Shan are an ethnic group in the northeast Burma. Their distinct cuisine is loved throughout the country. The popular dishes are steamed turmeric rice with several of fish, meat and vegetable salads. The well-known food of Shan style are also the noodles.

Burmese green tea salads

There is a wide range of salads, or thoke, in Mynamar, such as Lemon salad (red onions and lemon pulp), Tofu Thohk (tofu salad), Lemon pulp salads, Gyin Thohk (pickled ginger mixed salad)… Among them, Laphet Thohk  (tea leaf salad) are the most famous.

Myanmar seems to be the unique country that drinks and eats tea leaves. Moreover, the salad becomes a popular food. It’s the mixture of sour, slightly bitter leaves with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, peas and nuts. The dish can be used as the plate of meal, a snack or an appetizer…

Sweet snack and Falooda

Burmese snacks don’t get the sweet taste from sugar but from ingredients such as grated coconut, palm sugar, coconut milk, rice flour, cooked sticky rice, tapioca and fruit. Meanwhile, the falooda is similar to Thailand, Indian style with very colorful ingredients.

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