Cooking Class in Inle Lake

It is said that to explore a culture; the quickest way is learning through cuisine. Taking part in a cooking class would give you a closer step into the Burmese world, meanwhile Inle Lake/Nyang Shwe is an ideal place.

Before deciding the sitting in any course, you are suggest to look through all the details. You may choose to get a private or join-in class. And the class may be hold in either a local’s house or a restaurant.

In the morning, we meet at hotel and have a drive to a local market. It is the chance to see different tribal people with their diverse local products. You experience how locals sell and choose things; you will also joining a hand in picking the fresh ingredients for the meal.
Now it is may be your first time to cook on a wood stove. Now you are preparing the home-cooked meal with guidance from the chef/the host. They are the most welcoming people, willing to answer all of your questions. Cooking Burmese food is not difficult but requires focusing on every extra flavor, herbs as well as the technique to combine ingredients… During process, you gain your knowledge of Burmese culture through the way they cook,.

For a real Burmese meal, you are served a portion of steamed rice with several kinds of raw vegetables, sauté vegetable, salads (a part of them are mixed, or boiled with peanuts, chili and chicken or pork), and curies (pork, fish or chicken)… At the end, the recipes are given to take home. Don’t forget to cook these dishes sometimes; it brings back your traveling memory

All in all, what do you think of coming back to Myanmar and enjoying the new dishes?

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