Inle Lake – Paradise on earth in Burma

Inle is a freshwater lake located in the mountains, about 600 km from Yangon. This is one of the largest freshwater lake in Burma with people mainly live on the lake.

Inle Lake Overview:

Inle (or Inlay) in Burmese means large lake, is located in central of Shan State, 40 kilometers from Taung-kyi – capital of Shan state. Lake is located at an altitude of about 889 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and has an area of approximately 220 km2. Deepest area is about 6m, the water level varies seasonally difference between the dry season (May), and rain season (August) of about 1.2 m.

Inle Lake - Paradise on earth in Burma

What to see in Inle Lake:

Inle Lake not only has nature beauty but also the place inhabited by ethnic Inthar (an ethnic minority group of Burma). In Burmese language, Inthar means “people who live on the lake.” From thousands of years, Inle Lake behold all activities of social life of the Inthar people.

Inthar people live entirely on the lake. They build houses and buildings on the lake. The initiative is considered the greatest of Inthar is that they conducted cultivation of crops on the water by forming the floating fields from the remains of dirt, moss and fixed them by bamboo. Thus, the “floating fields” will rise up and fall down according to the water level in the lake.

Most common crop of Inthar is tomatoes. tomatoes are grown on Inle Lake is a specialty of this place. Burma has a phrase “to Inle without eating tomato salad here as never been to Inle”. When a girl reaches marriageable age, her parents often give the couple few floating rafts as dowry, they will move the floating raft to the place they will live to farming. Besides farming, people Inthar get profit from fishery resources caught in the lake.

Inle Lake - Paradise on earth in Burma-5

Image of Inthar men sailing with one foot on a small boat has become a living cultural characteristic of the reservoir. Inle not only attract visitors by the wild beauty and resorts close to nature, but it is also the destination for many visitors who want to learn about the area with long history culture.

Enjoying beautiful culture while biking to Red Mountain

Nowadays, in southern Inle Lake still has an area that can be seen as Bagan of the Shan State. That old city – Indein – remains buildings built of brick from the 11th century, which was the capital of King Shan. This area also has many ethnic minorities with beautiful culture as Padaung –  tribe people with long neck.

If you went around all the corners of Inle Lake, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy an impressive sunset. Orange glow from the sun slowly sink down, makes the corner become brighten up, the scenery becomes fanciful, that visitors cannot help sobbing, Immerse yourself in this peaceful and dreamy atmosphere. you can bring something to eat with some romantic music and enjoy brilliant moment with friends is always a memorable experience.

Ride bicycle to Red Mountain where viticulture and wine-making is a pleasant experience. You are freely walking under the big trees, admire Inle panoramic view, enjoy a glass of wine under the cool weather, causing many people think that they are staying in a peaceful village in France.

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