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Yangon – the charming capital of Myanmar!

Welcome to the unique metropolis, the city of frozen in time. Walking around the streets of Yangon is like stepping back in time amongst a backdrop of British colonial architecture. Over many generations, Myanmar continues to grow, but the city…

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Operated since September  2010, Burma Travel ( invites you to discover a mysterious name, a magical country and an extraordinary vacation experience! Isolated from the rest of the world for more than three decades, Myanmar (Burma) is a living museum,…

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Travel Terms

The following terms and conditions are applied to bookings made by you through your usage of Burma Travel. Tours are legally operated by Asia Travel & Leisure., Co, Ltd  –  The rate is valid until Dec 31st, 2019. CHILD DISCOUNT…

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Myanmar Visa

Visa to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand is easier to obtain now, you could apply for visa at the arrival airport, while apply visa to Vietnam and Myanmar Visa is bit more complicated. Visitors have to apply Visa in advance to…

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Myanmar Flights

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS Myanmar Travel offers the best deals for international flights to Myanmar as well as domestic flights. 
For detailed information regarding flights to and within Myanmar, please view our flight tips below: ADL – Adult : From 12 years…

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