Myanmar Souvenir

A part of the fun when traveling is bringing back some souvenir for ourselves as well as our friends, family members… Those all remind us of the trip with interesting experiences and the beauty of the destinations.
There are a number of many things you can buy as a gift when traveling Myanmar. If you are traveling in Myanmar and looking for some meaningful Myanmar souvenir items (Myanmar souvenir) and gifts from Burma (Burma gifts) to bring back but don’t know what to buy in Myanmar and where to buy in Myanmar? Let’s check out our suggested must buy in Myanmar including best things to buy in Myanmar, famous things in Myanmar, Burma famous things to help you find out the answer!

The following are some suggestions when you travel in Myanmar

Souvenirs in Myanmar


One of the most outstanding thing in Myanmar is Longyi, traditional sarong-like skirts. It is 2m long and about 80-90cm wide, wrapped around the waist and can be worn down to the feet or folder right up to the knee. Nowadays, longyi is still very popular, it is worn by both Burmese men and women.

The longyi for men called “paso” is folded on each side then tucked by the waist, positioned underneath the navel. The longyi for women’s is called the “htamein”. It is tied up in a knot at one side.

It is light weight, decorated with beautiful motifs. The clothing is very popular as it not only protects the legs from the sunshine but it’s also convenience while people are walking. You can find many women tourists wearing longyi during their trip and it’s a good choice for souvenir.

Burmese man in a longyi
Myanmar Souvenir – Longyi


Myanmar is famous for the great miner of precious stones. Most products are necklaces, bracelets; they are sold in the mass amounts in Inle Lake, Bagan, Yangon… at the very reasonable price. Meanwhile, the finest, most luxury rubies and sapphires should be bought at reputation shops.

Paper Umbrella

Everywhere around Mymanmar, you can easily find the colorful little painted parasols, a famous product of Pathein area. At first, it’s a tool to protection against the strong tropical sun and rain, then becomes a symbol of honor in Myanmar.

If you have time in Inle lake, don’t forget to pass by a paper factory, explore how the local make the umbrellas. You will notice that every part of the umbrella is hand crafted with floral design painted directly onto paper.

Lacquer ware

The most common lacquer ware products were bowls, trays, betel-nut containers, tables and small decorative boxes … Now the usage of lacquer ware gets diversified, and modern shops sell a wide ranges of kitchen wares, home decors, foldable screens…
Lacquerware are one of the most popular souvenir easily found at Scott’s market as well as hundreds of workshop in Bagan…

Shan Bag

From the old time, Shan bag has become a familiar thing in Burmese daily life. People carry the hand-woven bag every day to hold their stuff whenever they go outside.  Due to its convenience, travelers also take the Shan bags with them during the trip.

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