Sittwe Fishing Market

Far in the Western Myanmar, Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine State. In general, the tourists focus on the nearby Mrauk U (an abandoned city of hundreds of temples and pagodas in the tranquil mountainous area) or the beautiful beaches on the Bay of Bengal. However, if you are the traveler of insight experience, Sittwe fish market must be added into your tour.

The fishing market is opened from dawn until noon. However, you are suggested to start the trip early on the morning. Here you will see the whole process when the boats embark to the dock: loading, sorting, displaying then selling fish.  After 8AM, the market gets jam-packed.

There are the huge ranges of fish and seafood (fish, eel, stingray, shark, barracuda, snail and frog…); Some are fresh, some are hung and dried in the open air.  The full baskets of fish can be found everywhere around you, which makes a strong, typical smell. The fishermen, the wholesales, the retails all are ready for their busy trading day.

The locals just simply glance at you then come back to their deals as they are not familiar with tourists; they don’t show much neither their hospitality nor the cold welcome.

Thanks to the trip, you are provided with not only the eye-opening experience but also the chances to taste fresh seafood. The price here is very reasonable, however, you need a local friend/ tour guide to help you translate and make some bargain.


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