Tea houses in Yangon

Tea shop is an essential part of Myanmar, which is not only place for drinks and food; but also a social gathering site where people can meet friends, families and colleagues. For the tourists, this is the chance to try authentic Burmese cuisine; meet the locals and watch the street life in any tea houses in Yangon.

yangon teahouse
Rangoon Tea House – 1 of top Tea houses in Yangon

The origin of the tea shop started from the colonial British India. They are the shops with low, plastic chairs and tables on the sidewalk. Most tea-houses open from 06.00 in the morning to 05.00 in the afternoon, and get crowded mainly at breakfast time.

Acacia Tea Salon in myanmar
Acacia Tea Salon

For the tea, it’s the combination hot or iced black tea, sweetened condensed milk. The tea-houses also serve the simple dishes. The cuisine is affected by the neighbor and has the multicultural heritage: Myanmar shops serve noodles, Muslims shops are known for fresh samosas and grilled meats, Indian ones get the flatbread, usually roti or curry, Chinese tea-houses provide a range of meaty rice dishes, steamed buns…

Lucky Seven Yangon
Lucky Seven Tea Shop

Besides the typical ones, nowadays, lots of new-style tea-houses are opening now. It’s way to raise the standard of tea shop cuisine, a good introduction of Burmese food to both locals and foreigners. Along with the fusion menus, the boutique architecture of teak furniture in old and new Myanmar concept… will brings the unique atmosphere and experience to the customers

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