Burma 7 Days tour

I had long nursed the idea of visiting what I, as an old Imperialist call Burma. An opportunity has just presented itself but only for six days. I had a very specific list of all the things I wanted to see in this large country and to get them all done in six days seemed unlikely. I google four tour companies and none of them had tours covering my interests so I simply sent them all the list and asked if they could do it. Three came back with relatively poor matches and then there was Miss Thao Doan of Asia Travel. She not only incorporated all of my ideas, she added some of her own . She even gave two prices, one with and one without a difficult part of my trip. Multiple flights were involved and these were all arranged, and worked perfectly. The hotels, wit the exception of one were luxurious and the guides helpful, knowledgeable and efficient; of particular note was Mr Ko Ko Zaw at Inle Lake who was faultless.

Oh, by the way, most residents of Myanmar aver the age of sixty still call it Burma so I was thoroughly at home reading George Orwell and Auberon Waugh as I travelled around. Many many thanks to Ms Doan and Asia Travel & Leisure


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