Myanmar Journey

The Myanmar trip was unbelievable! I am a mature (78) person and was travelling on my own so was a bit worried at the start. Well, I cannot believe the whole trip went without even one thing going wrong. I was picked up at the airport by a young man who went above and beyond to explain everything to me and sat down at the hotel with me and made sure I understood everything and made me feel so safe and looked after, He went through all the travel details with me and even helped me carry my suitcases into the lift. It is very hard to pick out one guide to another but the Gentleman in Bagan and the lady at Inle Lake stood out. They were so kind and looked after me every minute. The gentleman in Yangon was also very very kind and helped me on the many steps. It was so beautiful in Myanmar and the people were very friendly and helpful. In Yangon market I purchased some reading glasses and the owner took me back to find a taxi to get me back to the hotel. All this was organized by Thao Doan and she put up with many many questions and was always very helpful and professional. If you want to have a “perfect” trip please get in touch with Thao, you will be delighted with her ability to make sure everything goes without even one problem. Thank you Thao, you made my trip absolutely wonderful and without stress!!
Thank you,


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