Things should know to visit Pagoda in Burma

Take off your shoes before entering the pagoda in Burma

Temple visiting in Burma, normally, you would have to take off shoes and socks at the gate. It shows the respect to the Buddha – the God have supreme power in the conception of the Burmese. in the period of British colony, local people were outraged when the British do not take off your shoes when going to the pagoda and temple area. We can say this tradition is one of the motivations for Burmese independence.

There are very little pagodas do not apply this rule, therefore before you enter any pagoda, you should ask or follow the local people.

Dress politely entering Pagodas, temples, monasteries    

Do not wear shorts, sleeveless shirts when enter the sacred religion area of Burmese. This rule applies to both women and men. Women cannot wear short skirts, tight trousers as the local people will think that you are blaspheming their god.

Keep quiet

When visiting pagoda in Burma, visitors should avoid playing, screaming or teasing each other. At the Shwedagon Pagoda, the music is not allowed to open in the temple site and you also cannot bring the instrument to the stupa.

Avoid disturbing others when taking pictures

Some temples require travelers to pay the fee if you want to take pictures, some do not allow to avoid affect the sacred atmosphere. Therefore, you should pay attention to these signs to know whether or not be allowed to take photo.

In addition, travelers should avoid non-serious pose with the temples or statues, do not rely on or use Buddha as props to take photo. The monks do not like being photographed, if you want you should ask for permission in advance.

Do not sit with his back to the Buddha statues

If you sit in front of Buddha statues, you should avoid sat with his back to the statues, as this is considered to be an act of disrespect.

Pay attention to your feet

When sitting on the ground in the temple, you also need to pay attention not to stretch the legs or feet pointing toward the statues and stupas.

Do not disturb people praying or meditating

When you see people praying or meditating, you should avoid speaking loudly or laughing, also should not be passing in front of them or touching them.

Respect the Monk

The monks are well-respected in Burma. Guests should not try to shake their hands. Women are not allowed to touch monks. When offered gifts, you need to use both hands, come close enough to so they can get the gift without leaned forward.

Do not sit higher or equal to a monk. If you want to give them the money, you need to put cash in envelope or folded piece of paper, and asked the monk to know who can get the money.

Besides, visitors should avoid stepping on the shadow of the monks while they are standing, especially the head part, because it was regarded as an act of disrespect.

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