Hospitals in Myanmar

We recommend you to travel with insurance. No one wants to get sick or face any health problems when traveling. However, just in case, here are some information about best medical centers in major cities of Myanmar you should know. Hospitals in Myanmar are divided into 2 main types, namely, public hospitals and private hospitals.

Most Myanmar public hospitals do not meet the international standards with lack of services and equipment and are often overcrowded. Doctors and medical staff working at public hospitals will generally only speak Burmese. However, prices of treatments and health consultations in public hospitals are more reasonable.

Yangon General Hospital
Yangon General Hospital

On the other hand, the standard of private hospitals is excellent. They are staffed with English or French speaking medical doctors or foreign doctors from the Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea etc., so you are no need to worry about language barrier and their facilities and equipment are more modern and adequate than the other.

Below is the list of the best hospitals and medical centers in some famous places you may visit in Myanmar.