Tourist Attractions in Mandalay

Tourist Visits Mandalay – Burma is looking for the imprint of the ancient citadel with the works related to Buddhism was built about 200 years ago. This is not just the pilgrim place for Buddhists in the world but also a museum filled with traces of the political, social, cultural and Buddhist of the former empire Burma. Let’s take a look at some famous tourist Attractions in Mandalay.

Mandalay is also a major center of monasteries, temples; and people here still remain deep religious significance. Underneath are some famous spots related to Buddhism, not only attract the Buddhists, the researchers but also who want to experience the beauty of culture and people in Burma.

1. Atumashi Monastery

Situated near Mandalay Hill, Atumashi monastery was built by King Mindon by teakwood from 1857. This project is the last religious project was built by King Mindon.

Monastery is a massive structure (as a palace). Initially, it has 1 large Buddha image, nearly 9 meters high made from silk and lacquer. Many valuable things were placed in this picture, which has large diamond (19.2 carats, donated by King Maha Nawrahta to King Bodawphaya) placed on the forehead Buddha.

the monastery and all objects inside was burned in 1890, only a few pillars still survive and large diamonds was disappeared.

Golden Palace Monastery - Attractions in Mandalay
Golden Palace Monastery – Attractions in Mandalay

2. Shwenandaw wooden pagoda

Shwenandaw pagoda is located next to Atumashi, was built in the 19th century, is famous for its luxury wooden architecture.  This is a masterpiece showing sculpture qualification of Burma artisans.

This temple was part of the palace in Amarapura and King Mindon moved it to Mandalay. Mindon King also had his last breath in this temple. Then, King Thibaw, the son of King Mindon, relocation the temple to outside of the royal palace and converted it into a monastery in 1880. Imperial Palace burned in flames in March1945, Shwenandaw is the only surviving works of the Mandalay Palace.

Ubein Wooden Bridge - top Attractions in Mandalay
Ubein Wooden Bridge – top Attractions in Mandalay

3. Mahamuni Image Pagoda

Near Kandawgyi Lake, Mahamuni Pagoda Image or also be known as Maha Myat Muni Pagoda is the most revered place in Mandalay. In the main hall still preserved 3.8 m high, 6.5 tonnes weigh Buddha statue. It was made by gold and decorated with precious stones. Only men can come close to the statue.

The legend has it that, Buddha once visited Arakan (now Rakhine), the king Candrasuriya asked his permission to carve a statue of Buddha in his same size to worship at the temple on the Mahamuni Sirigutta hill.

In 1784 when Bodawpaya king invaded Arakan, he moved Buddha statue along with booty and prisoners to his kingdom. He built the temple in the Mandalay foothill to adore this most sacred Buddha statue, to assert his devotion.

Mahamuni Image Pagoda - Attractions in Mandalay
Mahamuni Image Pagoda – Attractions in Mandalay

The devout Buddhists and pilgrims visit Mahamuni statue continued to cover the statue by gold leaf layers overlap. Have to say, the statue is still being made bigger every day thanks to the laminated layers of gold leaf.

At this temple preserved six bronze statues from the Khmer kingdom, including 3 lions, 2 male warriors and a three-headed Erawan elephant. It was said that; everyone will be cured diseases if the patients touch on the corresponding area on the bronze statue.

4. Kuthodaw pagoda

The temple is located southeast Mandalay foothills, was built by King Mindon at the same time he built the palace in Mandalay to move the capital from Amarapura.

Marble Tripitaka, which began carving around 1860. King Mindon, a devout Buddhist thought that Buddhism related to the survival of the nation; when the country was invaded; enemies often burn Buddhist texts. So, to be unified Buddhist scriptures and long-term preservation; he ordered to carve the Tripitaka on 729 stones and 1 stone introduces about Tripitaka.

5. White tower in Sandamuni temple

Located adjacent to the temple Kuthodaw, and quite similar to Kuthodaw, Sandamuni famous for its Tripitaka stone system.

With 1,774 stones with sheltered, it like a forest of white towers reaching skyward. This temple was originally built by King Mindon to commemorate his brother who helped him consolidate power at Pagan Min in 1853.

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