Unique things in Burma Part 1

Burmese celebrate the New Year in April

New Year (Thingyan) is a big holiday of Burma. “Thingyan” is known as the water festival, takes place between April every year. On this day, everywhere, including banks, restaurants and shops are closed. Two city hold biggest New Year festival are Yangon and Mandalay. During the festival, people often splash water to other people to wash away bad luck, sins of the previous year and they will release birds, fish on the last day of the festival.

Burma has hundreds of beaches

Burma has a coastline of 2,000 km. Most beaches here are facing west so visitors often come here to admire the wonderful sunsets. The most famous beach with white sand is Ngapali stretches over 3 km, just 45 minutes flight from Yangon or pristine beautiful Ngwe beach also known as Silver Beach just 5 hours drive from Yangon. With 13 km long sandy shore, it is considered as the longest beach in Asia.

Internet was no longer censored as before

Internet has been popular in Burma since 2000 but the pace is slow and very high user charges. Previously, famous sites like YouTube or Gmail even were banned in this country. Recently, the ban was lifted. Besides expensive to use the Internet, mobile phone also rarely be used here because service charge is too high.

Bring brand-new cash along

Travel to Burma, make sure your money is look new, not be crumpled, torn or has exotic trace, otherwise you will not able to use it. Credit cards are only accepted at the 5star hotels big shops and restaurants.

Make a kiss sound to call beer

When someone would like to draw the attention of the waiter or waitress to ask for beer, they will make the sound like a kiss as calling a cat. Come to 19 street in Chinatown in Yangon, you’ll hear a lot of sounds like. The narrow streets only for pedestrians is the place where people usually gather to eat and drink. Specialty beer here is Myanmar beer with the price about 1 USD/cup.

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