Unique things in Burma Part 2

Costume of the men in Burma is “dress”

Traditional costume dress of Burma is “longyi”. Men tie the piece of dress in front, women fold and saw the pieces in the side. It is 2m long and about 80-90cm wide, wrapped around the waist and can be worn down to the feet or folder right up to the knee. Nowadays, longyi is still very popular, it is worn by both Burmese men and women. This kind of costume help to protect their skin under hot weather of summer.

Exotic culinary practices

When you come here you are only allowed to eat with right hand, because as the concept of Burma, left hand is just for the personal hygiene. A typical meal here has rice, fish, meat, vegetable and soup. Burma people usually hold rice in their hand to make it round then eat with vegetable.

Train in Myanmar

The railway tracks here are seriously degraded and make people sitting on it be shaken up and down, but many travelers still choose to travel by train as there are many scenic views along the way. Train in Burma is famous for being late and slow. The most stable train is from Yangon to Mandalay takes up to 16 hours if not delayed. And one more thing, the trains here are usually very cold at night. Therefore, traveler always be encouraged to use private transfer or domestic flight.

People with red teeth

The custom of eating betel is tradition here so almost Burmese older have red teeth. Betel hear has betel leaf, betel nut, a little bit lime, few others, and a bit of tobacco. Western tourists come here even become addicted after trying to chew betel from Myanmar.

control the oar with one leg

The Intha men are well-known for their fishing skills. They develop the unique way to power their boats: Pedaling with their feet, leaving their hands free for pulling up fishing nets. This method has become an icon of Burma and everyone always wishes to take some poses of the fishermen.

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