Yangon Street foods( Part 2)

The following food are good for local, but you should consider eat or not depends on how strong your stomach are.

11. Myanmar salad ( A Thoke )

There are verities of very delicious salads in Myanmar. The most popular are noodle, vermicelli, tofu, fermented green mango, papaya, rice, potato, ginger, tomato, kaffir lime and lahpet (pickled tea leaves) salads. They are all spiced up by adding similar healthy and tasty ingredients, such as assorted sliced vegetables, dry baby prawns, peanuts, tamarind sauce, fish sauce, lime juice and chilly pounder depending on the customer’s demand. Local people eat the salad not only as a breakfast but also, in their daily main meals, a salad dish is an essential part of a whole meal. So delicious Myanmar salads you shouldn’t miss trying some of your favourite Burmese style salads in Myanmar. But, if you are craving Myanmar salads, for your tummy safety, strongly recommend to try the salads in Myanmar traditional restaurants.

Myanmar- Salad

12. Fritter ( A Kyaw )

Myanmar fritter is a deep fried vegetables coated in ground creamy rice. The most popular fritters are gourd fritter, chick peas paste, sliced onions, potatoes, brown bean paste, tofu, banana and a variety leafy vegetables. They are served with tamarind or chilly fish sauce. Typically, local people eat leafy vegetables fritters, chick peas paste, sliced onions and potatoes fritters with steamed rice as a breakfast. Gourd fritter and chick peas fritter like cracker are mostly served with Mohingar. Banana fritter is simply eaten as a snack. Fritter is one of popular street foods you will ever find in the street of Yangon. But need to consider the cooking oil used, throughout the day, for frying all the fritters, can lead to health problems.

13. Ohn No Khao Swè

Ohn no khao swe

Ohn no khao swè is a Burmese noodle soup like Mohingar but the noodle is wheat noodles served with chicken broth consisting of coconut milk, peas pounder mainly. As a breakfast, local people enjoy a bowl of Ohn No Khao Swe with fritters, sliced raw onions, chilies, crisp flat noodles, and slices of boiled egg, a squeeze of lime or lemon and fish sauce. Most people rarely eat it as the coconut milk in the soup can cause hypertension. That soup is available only in Monhingar shops.

14. Myanmar lunch

Not only breakfast but also lunch can be finished off at the street food stalls of Yangon city. Many local people eat their lunch in those stalls. Prices for a lunch in the street food shops are quite reasonable. If you order a dish, a plate of rice, a vegetable soup and assorted boiled vegetables with a chilly fish sauce are accompanied as side dishes. Myanmar curries are not that piping hot. It depends on how much portion of spices are put in a particular curry. In the shop, you will see various choices of oily curry dishes displayed to the customers. They look mouthwatering. Most curries Myanmar people enjoy are flavoured with fermented fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, spices and some other essential ingredients. The curries are all prepared in the early morning. So, they are usually warm with special stoves.

Myanmar Lunch

15. Street foods in Yangon: Advisory

Common types of most Myanmar street food are not so hygienic, which might cause food poisoning and digestion problems to those who are not familiar with them. It is a Big no-no for such people to eat street food. If you are particular about your upset stomach, make sure the foods are freshly served up, washed with treated water in the preparation stage and a cover to keep the flies off placed over the top of the food , And in cold drink shops, ice is generously offered when a soft drink is ordered. It is not so advisable for you to ask if the bottled water is used for the ice because they may be interested in making own business only. So, be sensible not to get your stomach upset and not to be too paranoid to miss the beautiful locally made food. Hopefully probiotics will help if the symptom shows up.
Regarding the safe food, you should try local food in traditional restaurants where foods are freshly hygienically cooked.
There are many more reliable restaurants in Yangon. If you want to try Myanmar authentic food, for your health reason, Feel Myanmar, Padonma, Green elephant restaurants etc. provide you foodies the authentic foods.
Food hygiene comes gradually to Myanmar. Nowadays people are getting to have knowledge of food hygiene and give more awareness of it.

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