5 Reason you should visit Myanmar now

What to see in Burma: 5 Reason you should visit Myanmar now
Myanmar is a country with unspoiled nature which owns a lot of natural resources. It is worth visiting it before it is turned to be touristy. There are 5 reasons to visit Myanmar: Welcoming outsiders, Unspoiled nature, Things to do, Background history, Food, Peaceful lifestyle, People nature, beliefs and customs.

Welcoming outsiders

Myanmar covers 678,500 square kilometres (262,000 sq m) sharing borders with China, Laos and Thailand in the east, and Bangladesh and India in the north. Geographically, it is located in the eartland of the southeast Asia. It can be easily accessed from its neighboring countries by land, water and air. Its civilian government is welcoming the tourists reducing strict and imposed restrictions on tourists, doing all it can to help promote tourism. The tourist industry in Myanmar has grown rapidly since reforms began in 2011. The hotel and tourism launches e-visa website in April. E-visa is available now. As the country is originally rich in natural resources and starts to open up to outsiders. Now it becomes one of the most attractive places to visit all over the world.

Unspoiled nature

What to see in Burma: Natures
What to see in Burma: Natures

In the north of Myanmar, the highest mountain, Hkakabo Razi, at an elevation of 5,881 metres (19,295 ft) exists, along with Rakhine Yoma, the Bago Yoma, the Shan Hills and the Tenasserim Hills run north-to-south from the Himalayas. Its longest coastlines (1,930 km (1,200 mi) along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea to the southwest and the south, which forms one quarter of its total perimeter. There are endless islands and undiscovered beaches. More and more unspoiled beaches welcome tourists to feel natural beauty of Myanmar.

The things to do

What to see in Burma: Cultural
There are lots of things to do in Myanmar as the country own all the natural resources and unique attractions: In upper Myanmar with its hilly region, hiking through the dense woods and trekking around the hill triples are an amazing adventurous experience for those who are yarning to wander off the beaten track and get back to the nature. A visit to Mogoke, a gem land, located in the middle of the country, is a heavenly enchanting places for tourists. Bagan, pagoda city with over 2000 pagodas will make your day worth. The country boasts its long coastline, consisting of hidden beaches and underwater explorations. You can covet the chance to the locals on the town beaches and watch the sunset over the Bay of Bengal, experience short walk or cycling among the amazing ancient stupas.

Background history

Some part of the area of Myanmar has been inhabited since prehistoric time according to archaeological evidence. The earliest civilizations in Myanmar started in 2nd century. Sharing the country’s border with neighbouring countries, and the history of the country is somehow related to its surrounding counties. There are eight nationalities –  Burma, Shan, Mon, Kayin, Kaya, Chin, Kachin, and Rakhaing, which are all subdivided into 135 subgroups. Each one has its own history. Of course, differences in languages, dress, beliefs and customs. Such diversities of ethnicities make aspects of Myanmar exceptional and charming. Burma is an untouched and unspoiled country due to its isolation for the last five decades.


Needless to mention how many types of food are found in Myanmar. It has diverse ethnic groups, who creat their own special cuisine. Among them, the cuisine of Burma, Mon, Shan, Kayin, and Kachin are popular in  the country. As the majority group is Burma, Burmese food becomes common to all over Myanmar. Rice is the core of the meal with curry dishes. Most currries are flavoured with fermented shrimps or fish. The typical set of the meal is a full meal, usually steamed rice, meat, fried vegetables, salad, soup and boiled vegetables served with chilly fish sauce.
What to see in Burma
Things to do in Burma
5 Reason you should visit Myanmar now

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